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Center of Languages ​​and Linguistics of Sharif University of Technology [Centers]

The University Language and Linguistics Center was established in 1972 with the original name of the Language Center in the university. During the years 1972 to 2008, the language center of the university with a limited number of full-time faculty members and a group of guest professors was solely responsible for providing general and specialized language courses to the students of different faculties of the university.From 2007 until now, this center, in addition to its primary mission, which was to provide general language and specialized language courses to students of various faculties of the university, in various fields, such as recruiting students in two majors at the master's level, providing minor courses for students of other faculties of science. and university engineering, provides general Persian lessons for undergraduate students and also offers free language classes. In 2010, the name of this center was changed from Language Center to Language and Linguistics Center. The reason for this was the extensive activity of the center in providing classes in different languages, including German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French, Arabic, and also the creation of two master's courses in English language teaching and computational linguistics.One of the honors of the Center for Languages ​​and Linguistics is the preparation of the program and the title of the master's course in computational linguistics as an interdisciplinary field, which has taken place for the first time in Iran, and Sharif University of Technology is the first university in the country to attract undergraduate students. The master of this field has studied in Iran. Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary science and a link between humanities and technical-engineering sciences. This science is very new in the world and the history of presenting it as a graduate education field in the world reaches about twenty years. The Center of Languages ​​and Linguistics has been teaching English language since October of the academic year 2009-2010until now and since October of the academic year 2010-2011has been accepted as a master's student in the field of computational linguistics.